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Thursday, 28 May 2020

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MIHOST.COM Receives 2009 Award from the "Bizz Awards"
MIHOST.COM Recognized For Outstanding Quality has been awarded as the best Web Design Company in Costa Rica 2008



At MiHost.Com we tailor Systems Development and Web Applications to your specific needs, based on the characteristics of your business and your information needs, while taking into account the technology platform and architecture that your company employs.

Our team of highly trained professionals guarantees the quality of our work and meeting the agreed upon deadlines, all while generating added value through the use of cutting edge technology, resulting in large cost savings and the maximum optimization of your business processes.

Simple solutions to complex problems

  • evelopment planning
  • Programs tailored to your needs.
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Developments and modular programs
  • Local Systems, Intranets, Internet Programs and distributable applications

We offer our clients our expertise in software development and systems in various technologies designed to meet specific needs which will be implemented in the short term: long term they will become effective solutions for your business and your customers.

Encompassing diverse technologies such as application development on the Windows and Linux platforms and programming of integrated units to both existing and future developments, we develop solutions which exceed the expectations of our clients within a pre-determined timeframe.

Methods of development:

Based on existing in-house programs: our approach is to determine the client's needs and analyze what part of those needs are covered (or can be covered) by an existing application. The development work will be limited to implementing functionality not covered by additional modular programs to the base product. The main advantages of this are time-savings due to the fact that part of the development and programming are already done, and the added benefit achieved by using existing applications – they have already been tested, and they work.

Development of new programs and fully customized systems: the approach is to develop a new application from scratch based on customer specifications. The primary advantage here is that the client will have a fully customized set of programs designed to meet their specific needs.

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